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Certified Behavioral Coach

Get International Certification Now! "Becoming a Certified Behavioural Coach is definitely one of the best things I did for my life and career. It was new; it challenged me and introduced possibilities for my work as a communications strategist focused on people development.

Cost: US$1400.00 | more details »

My Love DNA Report & Manual

"What I Need From A Relationship: My Love DNA Report And Manual" is a pointed diagnosis of your orientation to romantic love and what you need for fulfillment from such a relationship. The powerful behavioural mapping provides unique guidance as to where you will find lasting love. The coaching manual uses the Four C’s Model of Relationships to steer you towards a happy and fulfilling long term relationship. Looking to bless a friend with a lasting gift, get them "What I Need From A Relationship: My Love DNA Report And Manual" now!

Cost: US$70.00 | more details »

SWPA Relationship Matrix

The Success with People Academy Relationship Matrix allows you to learn more about yourself and your partner than you would discover over many years.

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Success in Marriage

Success in Marriage

Success in Marriage is a collection of powerful frameworks and high impact counselling that is guaranteed to guide you to increased Success in Marriage...

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Parenting Styles Report

Are you sending mixed signals to your children? Do you have questions about how your partner handles certain situations with the children? If you answer yes to any of these or are unsure about them, then you should get this unique comparative analysis of your parenting styles.

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Extended DISC® Personal Analysis

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is our most popular tool. It's success is based on it's strong ability to provide information to make better decisions.

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Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis

Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis is a very powerful tool. It is easy to use and very cost effective. It is no wonder that it is so widely utilized. Work Pair Analysis is designed to provide information that allows two individuals to take action that will have a positive impact on their performance.

more details »

Extended DISC® Team Analysis

From CEOs to front line employees, Extended DISC® Team Analysis is everyone’s favorite. It is a powerful tool that has many applications and yet is so easy to use and understand.

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Extended DISC® Success With People

Extended DISC® Success with People offers any time, any place access to a personal learning experience that provides the reinforcement training and support that is the only proven way to change employee behaviors. Specifically created movies and interactive exercises make the learning enjoyable end effective.

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Extended DISC® Profiling Tool

Extended DISC® Profiling Tool was designed to help you to be more successful with others. It allows you to accurately identify the style of the other person and provides you with a specific action plan as to how: Extended DISC® Profiling Tool was designed to help you to be more successful with others. It allows you to accurately identify the style of the other person and provides you with a specific action plan as to how

more details »

Extended DISC® Job Analysis

Extended DISC® Job Analysis answers a very difficult question that most organizations struggle with: “What are the specific behavioral requirements for this job that will produce the desired results?”

more details »

Personal Assessment 360

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis 360o is a unique 360o feedback tool because it allows an assessor to communicate how he/she perceives the behavioral style of others and how he/she would like others to modify their behaviors for better performance.

more details »

Extended DISC® Open 360

Extended DISC® Open 360 is an online platform that allows clients to conduct 360 feedback measurements using their own instruments. It eliminates the administrative frustrations by automating the process.

more details »

Team Alignment

Extended DISC® Team Alignment is a tool for measuring and identifying where gaps exist between where the team is and where it should be. It allows the team members to clearly communicate their perceptions of the team’s current situation...

more details »

Survey Platform

Extended DISC® Surveys Platform is an online platform that allows you to conduct survey applications using your own instruments.

more details »

Extended DISC® Reasoning Analysis

Extended DISC® Reasoning Analysis assess Abstract Logic, Understanding Logical Processes, Spatial Reasoning, Social Context etc...

more details »

Extended DISC® Support Materials

We realize that you need and want support to ensure successful applications. We offer a full range of support tools that will do just that.

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SWPA DISC Challenge Movie Clip Series

The movie clips are a great way to clearly demonstrate the DISC-styles in an easily understandable format. Participants invariably connect more easily with the styles and bring new life and fun to your discussion sessions.

more details »

Trainer/Coach Library Sale

The Success with People Academy: Training Videos & Coaching Resources are a great addition to your training and coaching armoury! Use the video clips and support e-resources to support any behavioural intervention .

Cost: US$249 | more details »

Webinar: 3 Proven Strategies for Employee Motivation

Webinar: 3 Proven Strategies for Employee Motivation

Join us for our 90-minute webinar: 3 Proven HR Strategies for Employee Motivation. In this webinar you'll learn cutting-edge strategies guaranteed to strengthen your HR function, enhance employee motivation and thrive even in the midst of a recession.

Cost: US$25.00 | more details »


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