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Extended DISC® Personal Analysis

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is our most popular tool. It's success is based on it's strong ability to provide information to make better decisions.

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is designed to provide information that makes an impact, is actionable and, most importantly, has a positive impact on performance.

What is Extended DISC® Personal Analysis?

Extended DISC Personal Analysis is a self-assessment that identifies the strengths and development areas of an individual. What makes Extended DISC® different from other assessments is that it is able to measure at a deeper unconscious level to exclude the impact of the environment.

In practice this means that the results show who the individual actually is and not what the person thinks he/she needs to be in the existing environment. As a result, the report identifies the true strengths and development areas to allow for real performance improvement.

How to successfully employ the Personal Analysis?

The tool is particularly successful with two groups of users:
  1. Practitioners who used other tools in the past but were:
    • tired of using 'one-off application' tools that made minimal or no business impact.
    • uncomfortable answering the CEO's question: "How is this tool contributing to our bottom line?"
    • frustrated with tools that were difficult or impossible to incorporate into a comprehensive learning strategy.
    • unhappy that their existing tools could not be used from the front-line employees to the board room, creating confusion and administrative headaches.
    • not satisfied with the customer service their vendor provided.
  2. Individuals who had not used any tools in the past but were:
    • not completely satisfied with the results of their existing training and development programs.
    • unhappy with the performance of their existing employees, but uncertain how to improve it.
    • losing too much money with bad personnel decisions based only on managers' intuition, experience and gut-feelings.

How does the process work?

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is very easy to use. The online questionnaires (paper and software options also exist) take only 10 minutes to complete. The results are available within minutes! Questionnaires are available in over 50 languages to meet the needs of today's diverse workforce. The reports are customizable – just click and choose the information that you need.

What are some of the applications?

Some of the most common applications for Personal Analysis in organizations worldwide are:
  • Leadership Diagnosis
  • Team and Organization Development
  • Performance enhancement
  • Communication and Interaction skills training
  • Sales transformation
  • Customer Service improvement
  • Coaching

One System - Multiple Solutions:

Our customers tell us that one of unquestionable strengths of Personal Analysis is that it integrates with other Extended DISC® tools. Once a person has completed the questionnaire, the users can also create:

  • Work Pair Analysis
  • Team Analysis
  • Organization Analysis
  • 360 Feedback
  • Job Analysis

As a result, users do not have to learn new models, terminology and concepts to have access to a wide range of powerful applications.


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