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Extended DISC® Reasoning Analysis

Extended DISC® Reasoning Analysis assess the following areas:
  1. Abstract Logic
    • ability to understand “the big picture” by connecting different concepts
    • memory to recall frame of reference
    • general learning skills which can be developed
  2. Understanding Logical Processes
    • ability to understand cause-effect relationship
    • deductive logic to unlearn and think systematically
    • general learning skills, but is not easy to develop
  3. Spatial Reasoning
    • ability to comprehend visual entities
    • mechanical logic to manage visual perception
    • correlates with process management
  4. Social Context
    • ability to sense and observe social phenomenon
    • social adjustment to manage conflict situations
    • correlates with interpersonal savvy
  5. Numerical Reasoning
    • ability to understand numerical relationships
    • mathematical thinking to see trends
    • correlates with numerical analysis


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