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Extended DISC® Support Materials

We realize that you need and want support to ensure successful applications. We offer a full range of support tools that will do just that. More importantly, no one can match our responsive and personal customer service. We understand that when you need help, you need it quickly. Facilitator Guides

Extended DISC® Facilitator Guides are designed to help facilitators to conduct successful Extended DISC® sessions. Their purpose is to provide you with support, ideas, guidance and materials to conduct your sessions. The Facilitator Guide is particularly valuable when you first start using the Extended DISC® tools and are not yet fully familiar with the system. The Guides include PowerPoint Presentations and participant handouts. It could not be easier.

Client Support Pages

Extended DISC® Client Support Pages provide instant 24/7 online access to wide range of resources.
  • PowerPoint Slide libraries.
  • Participant exercises
  • User and Tool Manuals.
  • Latest system updates.

Extended DISC® Reference Cards

These training aids are very popular. They provide quick reference tool for the participants that will always be handy to ensure behaviors really do change. They are also a great training aid.

Extended DISC® Success With People

This e-learning tool is a huge success. It offers any time, any place access to a personal learning experience that provides the reinforcement training and support that is the only proven way to change employee behaviors. Specifically created movies and interactive exercises make the learning enjoyable end effective.


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