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Webinar: 3 Proven Strategies for Employee Motivation

Webinar: 3 Proven Strategies for Employee Motivation

2010 has been plagued with downsizing, restructuring, and budget cuts for HR. There has been a breach of the age-old and unspoken contract which promises, "Work hard for us and we will provide you with job security." This breach is causing demotivation and reduced productivity among your team. Studies show that employee engagement is at an all time low even among your usual star performers.

Take action now to restore employee engagement! Doing nothing can only lead to devastating effects on your company.

Join us for our 90-minute webinar: 3 Proven HR Strategies for Employee Motivation. In this webinar you'll learn cutting-edge strategies guaranteed to strengthen your HR function, enhance employee motivation and thrive even in the midst of a recession. Give us 90 minutes to tweak your employee motivation playbook!

Date:Wednesday November 24
Time:2:00 to 3:30 pm
Facilitator:Keri Smith, Head of Staffing and dynamic US-based consultant to Fortune 500 corporations.

Investment: US$25.00

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