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My Love DNA Report & Manual

Building A Lasting Relationship: Advice For Men

Wherever you are in the relationship cycle you can benefit from sound advice. Living with a woman and trying to build a long-term relationship is a lot different than just dating. Also, not all relationships are the same. Partners respond in unique ways and you need to adjust your approach to get desired results.

So, today we share a fundamental principle that will help you to enjoy a lasting relationship.

This may not be entirely new to you but it is worthy of reinforcement. It is also important that you internalize the principle and apply it consistently. To help keep your relationship moving forward in a happy, healthy and fulfilling direction for both you and your partner, it is important to remember this Key To A Lasting Relationship.

Key To A Lasting Relationship

Men and women are different.

One solid foundation for a great relationship is that you and your partner become close friends.

That said, the friendship with your partner is not the same as the one you have with your male friends.

Do not confuse the two!

When you blur the lines and start treating her like one of the boys, you open the door to role confusion which in turn leads to latent or expressed conflict.

The trouble is that especially in the early stages of the relationship, your partner will play along or even encourage you to treat her like one of the boys. She wants to fit into your life seamlessly. Soon enough, innate needs and her natural tendencies rise to the surface and being one of the boys wears thin.

Avoid the unnecessary hassles. Make the distinction from the outset.

While you may remember and want to emphasize that she is not one of the boys at night, it is critical that you take it into consideration when you plan your leisure activities and entertainment as well.

Here is a spin off thought.

Guys can watch a ball game for what might seem like eons to her without making any comments that are of a “personal nature”. In other words, the comments would tend to be a commentary on the game and general as against a conversation. Statements are not directed at an individual.

Your partner would prefer to be acknowledged and spoken to directly. Women like to talk and they like to be noticed when they are in a room. Don’t treat your lady like “one of the boys” or your may live to regret it.

By the way, why take a chance on losing out on happiness.

Invest less than the cost of a night out and complete an in-depth analysis of what you and partner need from the relationship. You can also decide to complete the analysis for yourself alone.



Enjoying a special relationship is high on the agenda of many persons.

Being in love is an experience to be treasured.

Many feel that their life’s journey is not complete until they have made a unique love connection.

The truth is that the romantic love experience is not without risk. Heartaches and pain are part of the price that those who venture into giving their hearts to someone else pay.

One key to reducing the pain price is to have clarity about who you are and what it is that you need and expect from a relationship.

That helps to narrow your appreciation of what you are looking for in a partner and how to increase the chances of connecting with the right person.

My Love DNA Report And Manual: What I Need From A Relationship: “ is a pointed diagnosis of your orientation to romantic love and what you need for fulfillment from such a relationship.

The powerful behavioural mapping provides unique guidance as to where you will find lasting love.

The coaching manual uses the Four C’s Model of Relationships to steer you towards a happy and fulfilling long term relationship.

“Paul and I are both trained psychologists. We have been exposed to a large variety of assessment instruments. Having completed the “Relationship Success DNA Report” we were surprised at the depth and level of insights that it presented.
Both of us learned things about ourselves and each other that have been helpful in our relationship.”
Paul & Racquel Blake – Counselling Psychologists


Broken homes and people trapped in miserable relationship is a key source of many of the ills that plague societies today. Domestic violence and poor parenting are just two of the manifestations that we have to power to combat.

“I was invited to carry out a pilot test of the Relationship Success DNA Report with my wife. I was amazed at how much the report was right on point issue after issue. We have benefited greatly from reviewing the report and openly discussing its content.
I will not hesitate to recommend the Relationship Success DNA Report to any couple at any stage of their relationship.”
Andre Allen-Casey – Counselling Psychologist.


Investment: US$70.00

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